Groeten uit Eindhoven!

'Greetings from Eindhoven'

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Jan, the fisherman, commutes
Train Station, Eindhoven, NL

Typical Dutch kisses
Train Station, Eindhoven, NL

Jan & Antje heading home
Stationsplein, Eindhoven, NL

Antje, het kaasmeisje (cheesegirl)
Siteur Kaasspecialist, Eindhoven, NL

Bad-ass Jan & his bikerbabe
Jan v. Boendalelaan, Eindhoven, NL

Bad-ass Jan & his crew
Jan v. Boendalelaan, Eindhoven, NL

Jan romances Antje at The Adriaan
 windmill built 1906, Veldhoven, NL

Jan teases Antje at Venus Fashion
Kliene Berg, Eindhoven, NL

Shopping day
Vrijstraat, Eindhoven, NL

Jan questions Antje's postcard...
Markt, Eindhoven, NL

Photos by Kwok Wang

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