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At this moment there are 12 links in this section. Total number of CAGE Cool Art Links: 1991 .
1 . ALT___This Art Unite Image And Music 1999-07-16
This project is not neither "music for image" nor "image for music". It's defective contents when you see one side only. But I consider it's indispensable factor for making united art because this is not combination art. United art of music and image complet for the first time in the world. Maybe I think... id: 25
2 . Art Beyond Borders
Art Beyond Borders means a breakthrough and overcoming of national, mental and geographical borders through the sharing process of artists from diverse origins. Artists using the Internet to exchange ideas and to co-operate worldwide. id: 1815
3 . ArtQuest®
An image listing service that puts people collecting and selling art directly in touch with each other via email. Listing art is easy by filling out a simple online form. You'll see art listed by artists, galleries and dealers as well as those collectors who are looking to buy and sell paintings, sculpture, prints and more ! id: 1710
4 . Boston Cyberarts Festival 1999-01-07
The creative connection between two influential and innovative forces - the high-tech industry and the visual and performing arts - will be spotlighted during the first Boston Cyberarts Festival in May of 1999. The Festival, incorporating exhibitions and performances by artists who use computer technology as an integral part of their work, will take place at locations in and around the Boston area, across Massachusetts, and on the Festival's website. id: 1135
5 . Carmin Karasic 1998-10-26
Carmin Karasic - digital artist - software engineer id: 1146
6 . Entropy8 netjournal
Artwork, Design, Literation, Mayhem. id: 1210
7 . Jen's Eye-Popping Online Art Gallery
The paintings of Jennifer Linton id: 1278
8 . LOVE 1998-02-27
Famous site by Group Z from Belgium. id: 76
9 . Meet Fok & Bros! 2001-11-07
Animation, entertainment, etc. id: 1238
10 . SITO
SITO (was OTIS), at it's most basic interpretation and intention, is a place for image-makers and image-lovers to exchange ideas, collaborate and, in a loose sense of the word, meet. id: 91
11 . The Head Shop/ Internet head storage facility
A unique, hilarious place to visit. Featuring The Book Of Heads and Strange Heads. Illustration,animation and sound.A must see!!! All heads created by the artist cocopug. id: 206
12 . Wicked - Siri's unreal Design Page
Computer art, drawings, illustrations, design id: 213
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