Description SjansMachine v2.0

How it works

  • A participant steps into the SjansMachine photo booth. The camera automatically detects the presence of a person and takes a photo, using face detection

  • By showing QR-tags in front of the camera, the participant enters his three favorite movie genres ('drama', 'experimental', 'thriller', 'comedy', etc.)

  • The 'photo booth computer' sends the new information to the 'animation computer'

  • The animation computer controls three projectors that are projecting images on 24 (semi-translucent) sanded plexi glass squares that form the big 'SjansMachine projection wall' (dimension: 6m x 1m = 19.7' x 3.3')

  • The new portrait will be added to the photos on the wall and will replace the oldest one

  • The photos on the wall are constantly shifting from square to square

  • At random times the animation computer compares all the participants who are shown on the wall and calculates the 'best match', based on their movie genre choices

  • The pictures of the matched couple will be animated during some time on the SjansMachine wall (the 'match animation')

  • A third computer, the 'visualization computer', will show a 3d visualization of the last match. It uses Augmented Reality (AR) to do so. When someone holds an 'AR-marker' in front of the camera, a 3d object will show up on the marker (on the computer screen) to reveal specific details about the match, including the photos, movie top-3’s and calculated compatibility score

  • The matched couple will be treated with a drink to get to know each other better!

Project requirements v2.0

Computer hardware & software
3 x Mac and/or Windows computers, with Processing v1.2.1+ installed, incl. several libs
3 x custom SJM Processing sketches (SJM_input, SJM_animation & SJM_output)
2 x computer screen
2 x webcams
2 x pairs of computer speakers
1 x wireless router (for a LAN network shared by the three computers)

3 x projectors
1 x tripleheadtogo (digital)
3 x video cables to the projectors (min. 15 m.)
24 x sanded plexiglass tiles and suspension hardware

1 x custom built, wooden photo booth
2 x spotlights for photo booth (max 15 WATT)
QR tags for entering the movie genres
AR marker for visualizing the match

Brochure v2.0

SjansMachine v2.0 brochure