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Rolf van Gelder - Biography

Rolf van Gelder

born in 1958
Eindhoven, The Netherlands
self-taught artist / professional web developer
living and working in Eindhoven
new media art
digital artworks
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Rolf's Curriculum Vitae / Biography
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About the Artworks

My life as an artist has been a continuous struggle between logic and emotion (Apollo and Dionysus).

I've been brought up with computers and math: everything should be logical and have a pre-defined reaction on every action.

While creating my traditional, abstract paintings I try to switch off the logical part of my brain and let emotion rule. While creating new media art I give room to the logical part of my brain and try to use it in a creative way.

My art always has multiple layers. Some of them are hidden and have much deeper, and often darker, meanings. I want my audience to have something to explore, discover and experience while peeling off layer after layer. Some of the layers, most likely, never will be revealed but that's okay! Life is full of mysteries that will never be revealed…

For me creating art is a way of self-reflection, meditation, maybe even therapy, and a very personal way of communicating with other human beings. It's a way of 'saying things' that cannot be said via human language or any other regular communication tools. It's communication on a different level.

Rolf van Gelder

"Happened upon CAGE, while browsing...

A beautiful site. And I am thinking about several of your paintings, which I found once and can't somehow get back to.
Ah, well. I have a question for you, concerning that tension of blackness and motion, against the deep, flat colors (Epitaph , especially, comes to mind).

Mmmmm, it's a feeling, really, not a question. An urge I have, as viewer, lift behind the colors, or the suspended figure, to find out about the blackness pressing from behind. A sense that the whole construct is a mask almost.
A mysterious disguise for something else, which wishes to be lifted, or exposed.
I like your work very much."

Selby Frame, a writer from Maine (USA)

"Hide & Seek I - By Rolf van Gelder

This is the painting which painted by the contemporary artist whose name is Rolf van Gelder in May 1998.

The title of this painting is called: - Hide & Seek I.

The creator Rolf van Gelder remixed many different kinds of materials drawing on a paper to accomplishing this abstract type art work. After admiring this painting, I found out that Rolf van Gelder uses many lines. Especially, curves lines instead of straight lines.

While in color part, the primary colors: red, blue and yellow are the majority colors in this painting, but the value of this painting are more shaded, which means the entire painting would look darker. In this two-dimensional painting, triangle and circle are two main shapes.

Meanwhile, Rolf van Gelder made this art work seems variety but put emphasis on the unity: the center object. Based on the center, Rolf van Gelder using it divided into two parts, it had balanced in the symmetrical way. Moreover, Rolf van Gelder repeated three exactly the same figure of a hiding girl in the center part to illustrate the rhythm of this painting. In my opinion, after analyzing the usage of organizing this painting,

What’s more, the title of this painting-Hide& Seek I. I think that author is trying to demonstrate the contradiction about individual, while facing the problems. There are two options, they would hide or just seeking for a solution.

According to three shapes on the center, in my point of view, the under blue triangle is the situation that people might afraid of facing the problem and trying to escape it.

The middle one, the circle is that people who are still struggling about making a decision.

Final one, the top one it might be they are willing to start to find a solution. In general, this is my explanation about this work, Hide & Seek I is truly a nice art work, it stimulate and evoke an extensive imagination of appreciators, including myself was attractive by this work.

This is Hide & Seek I, I can not wait for the II appear."

James Chao (USA) - february 2008

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