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Jaro Sykora - About the artist
Namestovo, Slovakia, 1953
The Artist and his Model
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"I was born on the 6th September 1953 in the north part of Slovakia in region Orava. More than 20 years I dedicate to the artistic photography. Since then I have been gradually building up my unfinished series of photos of people from the hillsides of Orava, a series entitled 'A people's tale'.

I have made the documentary photos to the old people on a threshold of their life and death. I was documenting the hard life of the people, which doesn't exist today yet. This document is entitled 'A portrait of the old orava'.

I am interested in a problem how a man is even with his death, therefore I was documenting to a life in the old people's home, where the old people was getting, where I photographed in their surroundings and their lives became waiting for their death. This life-cycle has title 'A day longer than timelessness'.

When I explored the region Orava I met with a special woman, despite her high age -more then 90 years- radiated from her enormous life power. Long time she lived abroad, whose her life different from the others people. I photographed her as a nude and I wanted to express a symbol of the life, of the death, of the youth, of the old age. This photographic cycle is entitled 'A top model'.

At present time I dedicate to a problem of alcoholism. I intercept of alcoholics in their surrounding where they live. I want to emphasize destruction person by alcohol. This photographic-cycle has title 'Ways of alcohol'. I also photograph these people in the produced form. I don't want to show a human nudity as a sexuality, but men who are psychically and physically naked. They are on a total ground their life, although they are deeply believers. This photographic cycle has title 'A Christian's love'.

Jaro Sykora

Press reviews
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Awards and individual exhibitions
My work has won many awards and commendations in competitions at home and abroad:
1992 1st prize in Slovak Foto '92, "story" category, 1st prize in Pravda newspaper's competition Life around us, the Award of the Slovak Union of Photographers
1993 the honest acknowledgement from "Salon internacional de arte fotografico" in Buenos Aires
1995 1st prize in the international AMFO competition
Every year I have been in average 5 individual exhibitions in Slovakia and in an abroad. About my photographic creation was filmed 3 documentary films by private television. The documentary film about myself was rated as the best documentary film on The international review of the documentary film - Art film Trencianske Teplice in Slovakia in the 1997.

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