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Digital Artwork

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digital collage
March 2004

sharp things and complexities

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digital collage
March 2002

earthquake 21302

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digital collage
February 2002

Love Abuse

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digital collage
March 2001

Coderush is a limited edition series of 6 digitally manipulated photo collages, based on "binary dream coderush", an image from a web art piece called, "Electric Dreams, Binary Desire", May 1998. Techno-seduction is the theme. My binary affinity and my long-term relationship with computer code is expressed through these self portraits. The "coderush" series was created for "Soul of the Machine", the Bromfield Gallery’s cyberarts group show.

1. genetic coderush

The matrix, or mother, wears the lacey crown of creation as double helixes and delicate DNA formulas are collaged with skeletons and Hatshepsut, one of few women to be crowned pharaoh of Egypt. Hieroglyphic code links us to the past. DNA falls from a skeleton’s hands, symbolizing the life cycle and our common genetic history and basic structure with DNA, in essence "code", at our core. Code gives us life. We have always been naturally and deeply related to code.

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2. binary dream coderush

How to explain??? It’s about desire to blend body and code in multiple ways, while fractal topographies shift virtual registers in rhythmic waves... To be one with the binary mesh; to be with others via code. This image is the start-up file for the series.

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3. coderush logic

These simple logic circuits are within the core of each computer; the foundation of binary machines. At the base of the binary dream is pure code for electron flow, in bits of 0 or 1. Within the binary dream, we can explore an infinity of faces.

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4. coderush mediation

The keyboard is yet another code. Meta-code that defines and links the human computer interface. Even before the mouse, the keys invite our touch. Keyboard adaptation includes function keys, and short-cut keys, like those in the image, e.g. screenal control code.

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5. enter, escape, coderush

Cyberspace, the great escape, comes with the invitation of enter, escape and home at our fingertips. Home, a familiar space, is echoed in hieroglyphs, and reduced to a navigational keystroke. For some of us, cyberspace IS home. HTML for "binary dream coderush" jumps off the keyboard as my window dressing. Better living thru cyberspace.

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6. binary flesh coderush

The best of the master codeslingers effortlessly think in elegant algorithms and rapidly type error free fully functional code. But the ultimate coderush is to watch the computer execute the code yielding the expected result on the initial run. It’s as if the user interface is no longer needed. Flesh becomes an extension of the technology. This image is the cover artwork for the April issue of Boston Software News.

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Carmin Karasic's installation "The Lost Ones" has been shown at the Attleboro Museum, Attleboro, MA (USA), during the Boston Cyberarts Festival 1999.

The Lost Ones

"For the passion to search is such that no place may be left unsearched."

The Lost Ones installation explores compulsive searching and routine as human nature. Children develop routines and ask, "Why?" We tend to seek and/or find meaning in our lives and the world around us. We follow passion, step-by-step moving closer to our goal; seeking self-improvement, spiritual clues, self-expression, self-discovery...

Click HERE to get an impression of The Lost Ones installation.

'Groeten uit Eindhoven'

A live performance by Carmin Karasic and Arjan Venmans, Eindhoven, the Netherlands, July 30th, 2003

Click HERE to go to the 'Groeten uit Eindhoven' website.

Web Art
* With Liberty and Justice for All *

When I was 5, my mother said to me:
"You don't have to say the Pledge.
It isn't meant for you..."

With Liberty and Justice for All


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