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At this moment there are 73 links in this section. Total number of CAGE Cool Art Links: 1991 .
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1 . 119 Gallery
119 Gallery, specializes in digital art: computer graphics, video, and electronic music. id: 236
2 . 48073 2004-12-11
Contemporary Art by 48073. id: 2010
3 . A Autocad & Machine Art gallery 2009-11-19
Autocad, dxf, dwg & machine art id: 3323
4 . A Web Center 1997-11-04
The on-line gallery of digital artist, Christophe Commaille. You will find animations, graphics, ... id: 117
5 . ADORE media 2006-03-31
Adore media is the cutting edge of subcultural and alternative arts promotion and production. Operated by journalists Penelope Thomas and David Warrior. id: 2415
6 . Alicia de D'Angelica - Arte Digital - Digital Art 2003-03-25
3D art and fractal art galleries. id: 120
7 . Anjo Lafin art 2006-08-12
Surreal alternative computer art by Anjo Lafin. id: 2539
8 . Art for the Mind's Eye 2006-07-03
Exhibiting; digital art, photography and traditional art by established artist, Ted Shado. id: 2509
9 . AtelierK - digital art 2005-03-14
conceptual digital portfolio with mixed media, newm media, computer artworks id: 2089
10 . atomicelroy.com 2005-05-11
time based media artist atomic elroy's web site id: 2143
11 . Axel Lovengreen 2009-12-05
Link of the artist Axel Lovengreen id: 3332
12 . clip loops animations 2007-03-23
Test your drawing and animation skills and submit your short animation id: 2768
just posting some video samples of abstract images website is under major construction id: 3054
14 . Dacob Paine Studios 2009-02-02
Pure digital abstract paintings. Each are unique and designed to express an idea or emotional state via the complex paring of component elements. id: 3202
15 . David Warrior : Digital Artist 2004-08-26
Digital & web art by David Warrior. (UK) id: 1922
16 . dEE aRt 2006-12-21
dEE aRt id: 2678
17 . Digarti 2006-01-05
Digital Art and Graphic Design, 3D, surreal. abstract and fantasy. Original and colourful... id: 2319
18 . Digital 3d Art 2007-08-14
Digital art based around science using DNA and other molecules. Includes a section on abstract digital 3d art. id: 2889
19 . Digital Aardvarks 2007-10-15
video and multimedia art id: 2937
20 . Digital Art by Andrea Mora 2011-10-30
Private Website of the digital artist Andrea Mora. id: 3567
21 . digital watercolors 2005-12-22
dEEgital generated watercolors printed with INKJET using UV curable inks id: 2314
22 . Dominic Rouse Fine Art Photography 2008-03-25
Rouse's exquisite prints are seamless transitions between the world of contemporary digital art and the timeless qualities of large format fine-art black and white photography. id: 3047
23 . Dr. Hugo's Fuzzy Dreamz 1999-03-08
An ongoing web art project. "Fuzzy Dreamz" connects new media with the world of dreams. The result is an intensification of time (Hyperfiction). Time is the very stuff of things, it's the medium of life (Chronopolis). Fuzzy imagination is the laboratory of our mind. . . id: 995
24 . Drew Waters Visual Artist 2005-08-10
Drew Waters is a contemporary Australian digital and Video Installation Artist based in Brooklyn, New York. Digital Art, Video Installation, Photoshop Artist, Drew Waters id: 2242
25 . Dynamic painting by San Base 2006-08-07
The Canadian artist San Base has invented a new manner of presentation of Art objects. The primary image of the object is processed by a computer following the artist's idea. As a result, the viewer can watch the picture living its own life with objects moving and transforming but still following the original artist's concept. Once static, the modern picture is now transformed into a never-ending show with images replacing each other hour by hour, day by day, month by month. id: 2538
26 . Eisengrau - a movement towards the mono_mental 2006-06-16
Collages from own photos and graphics. id: 2498
27 . Emerging Digital Artist 2007-04-07
Saachi Crits have been very positive about my work, take a look! id: 2786
28 . Emotional Digital 2004-11-04
Parys St. Martin Digital Artist based in Adelaide, Australia. My work is seen as Emotional Digital as my images can be sensually visual with the use of colour and form. My work is created for hardcopy exhibitions in Australia and Overseas id: 1985
29 . Eva and Franco Mattes aka 0100101110101101.ORG 2008-11-14
Eva and Franco Mattes - internationally known as 0100101110101101.ORG - is a couple of restless European con-artists who use non conventional communication tactics to obtain the largest visibility with the minimal effort. id: 3185
30 . Exploring Infinity - A Fractal View of the Universe 2009-02-05
An inner and outer exploration of the infinite Universe through fractals by abstract artist Iustina Aura Istrati id: 3203
31 . Free Beats 2013-12-13
Download free beats & instrumentals id: 3789
32 . Gautry.orG 2005-02-06
interactive art animated movies id: 2064
33 . hanneweb 2005-09-08
online portfolio met het meest recente werk van kunstenares Hanne Clausen id: 2256
34 . Heman Chong 2006-08-05
Heman Chong is an observer, gatherer and presenter of ideas and images. With a keen interest in the processes of visual culture, he is often able to toss his works into different configurations to suit the particular conditions of each exhibition/presentation. He received his M.A. in Communication Art & Design at The Royal College of Art, London. id: 2536
35 . Ilustraci?n Web 2007-08-07
Sitio web ilustraci?n tradicional y digital, dise?o web y dise?o gr?fico freelance Tambi?n tutoriales y descargas. id: 2884
36 . Inner Music 2005-10-01
This link contains a hitherto unpublished letter by John Cage where he refers to music he heard in his dreams. The link has to do with how composers imagined their music before bringing it to the acoustical world. id: 2273
37 . Innersign 2005-07-07
Abstract art prints on canvas and photographic paper by the italian artist MablO. Buy a digital artwork on cd-rom and print it! id: 2218
38 . IWONA PECH Art Photography 2007-04-01
Digital Fine Art Photography ranging from traditional captures to philosophical and thought provoking visual experiments. People, Children, Portraits, Fine Art Nudes, Nature, Architecture, Abstracts... id: 2776
39 . john best abstract artist 2002-03-25
I am a new abstract artist emerging from other up and coming contemporary abstract artists using this exciting painted media using digital means. For almost twenty year's I have been developing and perfecting my contemporary abstract painting technique to produce wonderful modern digital art. Using my contemporary digital technique, I have created an enormous amount of modern artwork which represents my perception of the world.. id: 171
40 . Joseph Gerges Fine Art Photography 2004-10-12
Fine Art Photography id: 1968
41 . Kim Stringfellow 2005-04-09
Online interactive projects, photography and artwork id: 2114
42 . kingdom of the unknown 2006-02-14
Welcome to the Kingdom of the unknown. This kingdom is ruled by a king called Ognev Vlaminck. He is the one that manages the releases of the unknown, undecided and nonexistent. The King Ognev I is a 26 year old art and Technology teacher who has decided that he wanted to become an independent artist. Under the name and concept of the Kingdom of the Unknown he makes his works known to a larger audience. The King works with all kind of techniques such as photography, different paint techniques, etc. id: 2356
43 . Kunst in de galerie van Sandy Viktor Nys 2007-02-06
Dark images from a paganistic past. The nightmares from one person can be the sweet wishful dreams of another. Women, naked, painted, decorated, besmeared, in bondage, rubber or leather, they look/glance not ashamed in the lens from the camera, or languished turn away their looks, to the other side. id: 2725
44 . kurt brereton 2007-06-10
visual and new media art and writing id: 2834
45 . LA Freewaves New Media Art Festival & Resources Site 2006-07-23
An online magnet for the media arts, Freewaves is a grassroots yet global arts organization connecting innovative, relevant, independent new media from around the world. Site includes festival information, streaming video, resources and forum. id: 2526
46 . MadTom Productions 3D Computer Graphics 2005-06-21
MadTom Productions provides custom 3D Computer Graphics; illustrations, modeling, rendering, visualizations, animations, character designs, logo designs and realtime 3D content. Based in Herisau, Switzerland / Schweiz. id: 2205
47 . Massimo D. Zilioli - Blu 2006-01-18
365 webcam selshots, with minimum quality gears, patiently collected and elaborated because creativity, art and life are always blend together, even in the most hidden and privates moments of our lives because living is art itself, wonderful, surprising art. id: 2324
48 . Massimo Romagnoli digital art 2009-12-13
Digital illustrations, vectorial drawings, 3d images, paintings, ink on paper and other artworks by Massimo Romagnoli id: 3338
49 . Max Chandler Art With Robots 2005-01-28
The artist designs and builds robots that are used as a tool to produce art. The robots extend the type and quality of marks that can be made. Calligraphic lines are used as a visual jazz of variations of the elemental forms of the image. id: 2058
50 . Medialab Enschede 2008-10-26
Stichting Medialab Enschede is een innovatief platform voor mediakunst gericht op het organiseren van exposities, presentaties, workshops, lezingen en debatten. De stichting werkt samen met externe partners en ondersteunt deze bij het ontwikkelen en uitvoeren van de programmaonderdelen. Medialab Enschede heeft zich ten doel gesteld mediakunst te presenteren en te promoten door een breed programma van activiteiten te ontwikkelen. id: 3173
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