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1 . 20 paintings by Stefaan Vermuyten 2003-05-05
Unique, subversive contemporary art id: 997
2 . 3 PAINTINGS FLYER by Jan Vasa 2002-06-25
figurative oil paintings, touch of surrealism id: 999
3 . A Gift Of Poetry 2005-10-06
Gifts. Anniversary Gifts. Birthday Gifts. Wedding Gifts. A Gift of Poetry. The unique and inspirational gift for every special occasion id: 2277
4 . A Miniature Sculpture Of Rare And Other Wood 2006-04-18
High quality of a rare and other wood and a excellent professional experience of artist allows to create unique artworks of wood. Uniqueness of every work is guaranteed. id: 2439
5 . A.J. Isbister 1999-06-10
Surreal, contemporary galleries showcasing the visionary, political, spiritual and sometime disturbing work of Canadian Native Artist A.J. Isbister. id: 1003
6 . a3-kunst 2006-05-30
Paintings, Art for everyone. id: 2480
7 . abarabal 2009-04-22
An ancient (1995) web gallery id: 3235
8 . ABCidraes, art, design and architecture 1999-12-06
30 years of work in several media id: 1005
9 . Ablot - Abstract Pictures and Surrealism Artwork 2006-02-07
Contemporary modern art - meditative acrylic abstracts and enigmatic mystical surrealism pictures - all by Tim Seaward id: 2345
10 . Abstract Acrylic Art paintings by Frank Messa 2000-05-18
Contempory acrylic paintings on canvas,a combination of abstract and figurative elements to articulate a magic realism. id: 1007
11 . Abstract Art by Robert Carbonell 2006-03-08
Robert Carbonell, born 1966 Barcelona. Contemporary abstract painting rich in color and texture. Artist exploring oil, acrylic, mixed-media, collage and working gestual painting exhibitions by Robert Carbonell id: 2386
12 . Abstract Art by Van Renselar 2006-05-14
Abstract art originals and limited edition prints for home interiors and corporate spaces. id: 2462
13 . Abstract art by Willemijn Bouman 2000-03-10
She creates large, colorful paintings and woodblock prints and she designs murals and ceramic applications for architecture. id: 1008
14 . Abstract Art for the soul by Denise Alexander 2006-08-14
Beautiful abstract paintings, prints and digital images inspired by meditation and the inner journey by UK professional artist Denise Alexander. id: 2542
15 . Abstract art from german femal artist Stiane 2006-12-30
Modern abstract art id: 2686
16 . abstract art in a kubistic way 2008-08-01
Abstract paintings in a style that lays between organised chaos and refined simplicity id: 3120
17 . abstract art original paintings by jamie r morhaim 2005-01-25
abstract art original paintings mixed media still life by jamie r morhaim award winning artist painrings for sale on ebay the florida artists registry gift shop posters prints novelty items and gifts for sale at cafepress.com shop id: 2056
18 . abstract painting 2008-02-04
abstract painting, installation, performanse id: 3016
19 . Abstract Painting by Emerging Artist 1998-10-18
Contemporary abstract and surrealist paintings by Jean Maurice Touboul. The arist is French/American. He lives in Los Angeles and inspires himself from his African, Asian and European legacies. id: 1009
20 . Abstract Painting Sale Original Art Investment 2003-07-29
At Art Beyond the Edge you will find one-of-a- kind, original abstract acrylic paintings for home, office, gifts, or investment purposes. id: 1010
21 . Abstract paintings by artist Anna Filimonova 2012-07-01
Anna Filimonova creates her own unique world that is full of colour energy and images. Her bright vivid pictures make impression of an enchanting sight, a wonderful fairytale in which every spectator can find his favourite story id: 3697
22 . Abstract Paintings by Eva Ryn Johannissen 2003-02-04
Abstract paintings in the expressionist tradition. Oil, acrylic and mixed media paintings exploring the inner life. id: 1011
23 . Abstract paintings by Pol Rodenbourg 2006-10-11
Artwork gallery of Pol Rodenbourg. Contemporary abstract paintings id: 2601
24 . Abstract Paintings by Shawn McNulty 2006-02-18
Contemporary abstract paintings exploring the relationship between man and nature. id: 2364
25 . Abstract Realism... marti garaughty 2003-12-06
New paintings and limited edition prints by marti garaughty... abstract realism, abstract expressionism id: 1013
26 . Abstract, Modern, Elegant Wall Sculptures 2005-03-22
Designer at Wall Sculptures USA creates unique masterpieces that transform any room. Hand-made out of different materials, including leather, velour, wood, aluminum, etc., wall sculptures are one of a kind work of art. id: 2097
27 . Abstract-Art Repository 1997-10-06
Abstract-Art Repository contains images, history, and discussion of great art from the 90's to the 60's. It focuses on Lyrical Abstraction and Abstract Illusionism. id: 1014
28 . Acrylic / Chelin Sanjuan, Portafolio Online 2006-03-10
Online art gallery of Chelin Sanjuan. Extensive portfolio of magic realism paintings id: 2390
29 . Acrylics - Maria Jos? Cam?es - Contemporary portuguese painting 2001-05-03
This site is about the contemporary portuguese artist Maria Jos? Cam?es. Here you can find a virtual fine art gallery of her acrylic and mixed media paintings (recent, 90's and 80's). A complete portuguese version is also available. id: 1016
30 . Acrylics-Watercolors and Oils-Fine Arts Artist Rosienid Pere 2005-03-15
Watercolors,acrylics and oils of brilliant colors are a stimuli for the enjoyment and preservation of the beauty of our world.Flowers,fishboats,caribbean sites are some of the themes of her paintings.Her works has been published in Direct Art Magazine and New Art International,USA.Exhibiting in galleries inUSA and Puerto Rico.A member of National Museums and Art Associations. id: 2091
31 . Action Art IJzerman 2000-01-29
Life is action and energy. See it yourself the oil and acrylic paintings on the website of Johan IJzerman. Action Art, The Art of Enjoying Life! id: 1017
32 . Adyton of the Goddess Online 1999-01-21
The art of Wendilyn Emrys. Wendilyn pulls from her various cultural backgrounds and interests in creating her artworks in a style that her admirers have dubbed "Neo-Primitive Symbolist Folk Art", Art Naif (Naive Art) or simply "Eikonographia". id: 1018
33 . agema-art 2006-12-16
Miniarture prints: they are connected with the artist's body-rythm and handlines. Expressive/organic and geometrical art, but not without reason. id: 2672
34 . Agnes Delamarche 2006-02-08
Abstract and expressionist art gallery. id: 2348
35 . Ahmad Madoun 2007-05-19
This site about the late syrian artist "ahmad madoun" his curriculum vitae & some of his works id: 2814
36 . Airbrush Illustration & Design by Hawg Wild 2007-05-29
Professional Custom Airbrush Illustration & Design. Automotive, motorcycle, marine graphics. Fleet graphics & signage. T-shirts & clothing. Skulls! id: 2821
37 . Al Van Mil - Artist, painter, print-maker 1999-05-21
Al Van Mil, fine artist, shows recent artworks, paintings, prints, serigraphs, & short bio. id: 1019
38 . Albert Robbe - Surrealistic paintings 2002-08-19
The Dutch artist Albert Robbe makes his art works in the style called surrealism. On this website he shows his surrealistic painting and in which galleries he gives exhibitons. id: 1020
39 . Albert's Art Gallery 2006-03-13
Paintings by dutch artist Albert van Loon. id: 2396
40 . Alessandro Mercatanti Falsi D'Autore 2010-04-23
Alessandro Mercatanti Prato Italy, Hand-painted oil reprodutions. Real pieces of art with the same impact and beauty of the Old Master's masterpieces. I can reproduce an oil painting from any print, .jpg visual, poster, photograph, etc. The prices for custom recreations will be priced according to the size and detail of the subject. personal works,icons of russian's school, portraits from photography id: 3381
41 . Alex Levin. Selected works. Virtual Exhibit. 2000-01-13
Selected works of Alex Levin. Virtual Exhibit. Israel. The majority of the paintings are displayed in private exhibits of Israel, Belgium, America, Australia and Russia. The main painting styles are Surrealism and Realism. id: 1021
42 . Alexei Biryukoff Art Website 2004-09-01
The website of Alexei Biryukoff, artist from St. Petersburg, Russia. id: 1933
43 . All Visual Arts 2008-10-22
All Visual Arts LLP (AVA) is a radical new arts funding partnership founded in March 2008 by Joe La Placa and Mike Platt. Joe La Placa has over 30 years of experience working in all aspects of contemporary art. He was the U.K. director and senior correspondent for artnet.com, the art world?s leading on-line auction and information service since 2002. During the late nineties, he worked as the principle features writer and Foreign Editor for Art Review Magazine based in London. In the early 1980?s he founded the Gallozzi-La Placa gallery of New York which specialised in working on a project basis and was the first to show artists such as Jean Michael Basquiat and Keith Haring. Mike Platt is the founder and CEO of BlueCrest Capital Management, European Hedge Fund of the year in 2006 and 2008. A former star JP Morgan trader, Platt is one of the new generation of City heavyweights. The All Visual Arts (AVA) partnership has been created to offer a dynamic new model for the art world by providing a ?production house? for developing international contemporary artists, giving them the essential backing they need to realise key artworks. Operating without a gallery , AVA will stage exhibitions their productions, whether in site specific spaces or in collaboration with major international galleries and museums. Over the next five years, AVA will build a major collection mainly based on works it funds. It will also act as an exclusive ?super agent? to certain artists it will be heavily collecting. The current roster includes Paul Fryer, Alastair Mackie, Reece Jones, and Wolfe Lenkiewicz. id: 3169
44 . Allan Heywood Enamels 2001-02-12
vitreous enamel cloisonne realist wildlife illustration id: 1025
45 . Allbuyart.com 2013-07-10
Artwork, abstract art and paintings at Allbuyart.com id: 3756
46 . American Film Institute Website 1998-03-13
The American Film Institute is dedicated to preserving our film hertiage, as well as training the next generation of filmmakers. The AFI helps to develop appreciation of the movies as an art form. id: 1027
47 . Amit Bar Fine Art Photography 2005-08-16
Black&white and colour photos of artistic nudes, body-paintings, landscapes, nature, snapshots, children and portrait photos, drawings and photo- collages. id: 2244
48 . ANA ZANIC ART 2003-03-13
49 . Anamorphosis 3D multiples 2004-04-22
Art History Architecture Math. Games 3D. The romans walls of Lugo, past, present and future of a technological fortres id: 1030
50 . Andalucian Adventures Painting Holidays 2008-04-29
Established in 1997, we offer hotel based painting holidays in Spain, Italy, Greece, France, UK and Morocco. Our 8 inspirational tutors are 100% there for our guests. Walking and Photography holidays are available for partners and friends. id: 3064
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