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1 . 10dence Art Collective 2009-01-08
10dence contemporary art gallery presents, creates, explores, nurtures and promotes the art that happens when connections are made and knowledge is shared - across the boundaries of established art-world institutions and their markets. id: 3196
2 . Ample Asteroid 2007-01-02
UK art collective creating original artwork, multiples and limited editions. id: 2691
3 . Andrea Fryer - An Artists Double Life 1999-04-25
I held a installation/performance in 1997 in which I climbed into a big black box, 8 months pregnant and stuck my stomach out of a hole for everyone to see. id: 27
4 . Anfypaint - The Virtual Gallery 1997-05-26
We have designed a web site where you can paint online and then save and expose for free your creation to our special gallery. Please share your artistic talents with others by trying the techniques available in our "online" studio! id: 28
5 . antique clocks, fine horology and timepieces collection 2002-04-11
antique clocks, sale, restoration by a Swiss clockmaker. wall clocks, mantel clocks, bracket and carriage clock, fine antique clocks and longcase, equipment, example of restoration work. anecdotes in horology. collection. Antique clocks - Pendulantic id: 29
6 . Art by Syprian 2002-03-07
Sculpture charcoals paintings. id: 31
7 . Art by V.TABAC .::Fine Art Catalogue::. 2003-12-29
Fine Art Catalogue, Personal exhibition, -=Online ART Catalogue=- : Painting, Ceramics, Graphics, Abstract, ArtWorks by V.TABAC, HOME-page, Contemporary Art For Sale id: 32
8 . Art Kultur 2005-05-25
Art kultur online exhibitions of contemporary artists artworks. Online paintings exhibition to discover new contemporary artists and new talents id: 2161
9 . Art on the Net
A site run by artists dedicated to putting artists on the Web id: 33
10 . Art Seven Studio 2002-12-20
Webdesign I Workshops I Paintings I Graphic Arts id: 34
11 . ART+COM
ART+COM is an interdisciplinary group concerned with the integration of computertechnology, communication and design. id: 35
12 . Artgate 1998-04-20
ARTGATE is a free, noncommercial project, which serves the transfer and extension of artistic expression in cyberspace. id: 37
13 . Artist Painter ALFRED KRENZ (1899-1980) 2001-10-06
Alfred Krenz (1899-1980), artist painter with a colourist style, has lived and worked in Austria, the Netherlands and South Africa. His works include landscapes, portraits and still lifes. id: 39
14 . Artist? Artist! 2008-01-03
The workshop: 7 days and your art becomes as individual as you are. id: 2998
15 . artiste collagiste 2011-06-13
collages ? partir de vieilles photos et vieux textes, trouv? ici et l? ? travers mes diff?rents deplacements id: 3534
16 . Artpage of Martin Sjardijn
The Weightless Sculpture Project id: 44
17 . Arts Marketing in the Nelson region of New Zealand 1997-10-22
Official Website of the Arts marketing network in Nelson - New Zealand Artist, Artisans, Craftspeople, working in a variety of media . Descriptions, photo's, name's addresses. id: 45
18 . Atelier El Mar 2006-08-26
courses in bodypaints, fine arts, ceramics, also orders for portrait and figurepaintings on oil on canvas id: 2556
19 . Black Crow workshops 2002-05-16
Black Crow Indian and sjamanism workshops and sale. Rattles, shields, prayer/talking sticks,dreamcatchers. id: 49
20 . Byzantine Art Icons 2006-11-02
About Agiography / The Workshop / Our Icons / Various Subjects / Contact id: 2618
21 . Crabfish Artists Open House 1997-09-19
Colin Ruffell and Fran Slade invite you to visit an artists open house and meet Clever Trevor the cat. Great paintings and limited edition prints. Original designed website. id: 51
22 . Creative Healing Workshops 2008-04-08
Emelisa's healing with art, artist, creative workshops and classes. A gentle way to explore your inner world id: 3052
23 . Creativity Workshop 2003-06-01
The Creativity Workshop's goal is to help individuals believe in and develop their creative process through using memoir, creative writing, visual arts and storytelling exercises intended to become the tools for a lifetime. The end product is expanded perception, innovative problem solving, and ways of looking at one's life and work as exciting and transformative. People from all different disciplines, interests, and levels of experience come together to explore their imaginations id: 52
24 . De Fabriek, Eindhoven 2004-09-07
Alternative artspace, Eindhoven, the Netherlands id: 1940
25 . De Klinker, werkplaats voor kreativiteit 2001-08-04
Annette Wessels verzorgt workshops, trainingen, masterclasses en tevens vind u werk van haar zelf op de site id: 53
26 . deKunstclub.nl 2006-12-07
Collective with artists from Holland, Belgium and Germany. Having their own gallery in Eindhoven. id: 2660
27 . Fine Arts Emporium 1999-02-13
Original fine art, information on watercolor workshops, gifts, art books, art tutorial, South Carolina Watercolor Society Traveling Show and more. id: 57
28 . Frank Moore's Web of All Possibilities 1997-05-26
Well, you came into our reality cave even after that warning. That should mean you are an adult willing to be in a reality without padding, limits, taboos... that you are willing to be offended, challenged, shocked, turned-on, inspired, touched, moved to tears or to laughter by words, images, bodies, ideas. id: 58
29 . Fred de Vos Wax Workshops - Jewelry Making Classes 2003-01-14
The Fred de Vos Wax Workshops is a singular experience. Located in the heart of downtown Manhattan, it offers an intimate studio environment, exceptional one-on-one instruction and the tools and machinery to allow students to pursue the ancient art of jewelry-making. id: 59
30 . Gen Art
GEN ART is a not-for-profit arts organization with offices in New York and Los Angeles. We are dedicated to helping connect young artists with audiences and opportunities through exhibitions, on-line programs and community outreach. id: 61
31 . Groupe En Cours 2002-03-19
8 young french artists from Paris and Toulouse. We work with mails! (contemporary art) id: 62
32 . Healing with Art 2007-04-20
A journey into letting go and being creative, the place to find self help tools, techniques for self improvement, personal development artist and workshop facilitator. Half price main gallery sale on at the moment id: 2795
33 . Heimat
Heimat is an artists organization dedicated to increasing the technological literacy of other artists and the promotion of online collaboration. id: 63
34 . Hunters Point Artists Community
"The Point" as it is called, has over 200 artists on site and is one of the largest artist communities in the country id: 64
35 . HypArt - The Project
'HypArt' stands for Hyper-Art and is a artistic equivalent to 'Hyper-Text'. The thought is that a single picture is created by several people. Therefore the image is being divided into squares and each artist contributes one of them. id: 65
36 . IMSA - International Miniature Sculpture Association. 2004-09-10
Association artist who created wood sculpture. id: 1944
37 . Intima
Slovenian art collective id: 66
38 . Jan Hart, Watercolor Teacher with Worldwide Workshops 2005-03-07
Jan Hart offers watercolor paintings and workshops in New Mexico, Arizona, Costa Rica and Portugal. Her home, Ranchito San Pedro, offers guest cabins, studio and workshops for all levels. id: 2081
39 . Jeffrey Herman, silversmith 2001-09-25
Jeffrey Herman, Silversmith - Your silver deserves museum quality care. Jeff restores and conserves sterling holloware and flatware. Silver care, shop views, and repair processes Jeff restores and conserves sterling holloware and flatware . Jeff has a BFA degree in silversmithing and jewelry making from the Maine College of Art in Portland. id: 67
40 . KATT e.V. - Hannover 1998-03-05
german metal artists id: 68
41 . Kisinis Web Art 2000-08-13
The site of Arts and the Artists, painting, photography, poetry, sculpture, art squat, art magazine, specialized links, forum discussion and exhibitions. id: 69
42 . Klikstudio Website Workshops voor Kunstenaars 2005-02-16
De website Workshop worden gegeven in Amsterdam, Deze workshop is opgezet om kunstenaars de mogelijkheid te geven gebruik te maken van het dynamische karakter van een website rondom het cms, "content management system". Het geeft de mogelijkheid om steeds weer ander of nieuw werk te laten zien, om een website te gebruiken als een plaats om idee?n en informatie uit te wisselen, de mogelijkheden zijn veel en uiteenlopend en vergen een geringe technische kennis. Je krijgt een website en deze leer je in de workshop vorm te geven en er inhoud aan toe te voegen. De workshops worden gegeven tegen kostprijs, zodat zij voor iedereen toegankelijk zijn. id: 2069
43 . Kolahstudio 2006-12-05
Iranian underground Art studio and Media id: 2654
44 . Kunstfaktor 1998-10-20
The "KUNSTFAKTOR produzentengalerie" (ART-FACTOR - artproducer's gallery) is a showroom of berlin artists in the center of Berlin, Germany. new exhibitions every 3 weeks. some dates, profiles, portfolios and documentations at our homepage. id: 70
45 . L'Art-Ist, virtual gallery 2001-10-09
L'Art-Ist offers the works of this Dutch art-collective. Modern contemporary art. id: 71
46 . Locus+
As part of an established history within the Northern region, Locus+ places the artist at the centre of production and provides logistical and financial support to those who wish to work in different contexts and/or across formats. id: 75
47 . MAD emergent art center 2003-04-24
Eindhoven institute for art, science and technology id: 77
48 . Margreet Wierda 2006-10-29
Workshops in ceramics id: 2615
49 . Massurrealism
Massurrealism, a new art movement that has been getting overwhelming interest throughout the art community world wide has it's web site up! id: 79
50 . Multicultural Collective 2001-06-01
Cultural collective featuring poetry, short stories, photography, music, illustrations, and multimedia id: 80
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